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ALLY Center

The Ally Center exists to: cultivate academic growth through individualized services and mentorship as each student discovers a God-given life thesis.

About Disability Services

How to disclose a disability for the first time: 

1) Complete the Disclosure and Intake Form

2) Submit appropriate disability documentation. Please read about our Documentation Guidelines if you would like to better understand specific documentation requirements. 

3) Submit all documents to LBC|Capital Disability Services. You may email documents to or fax to (717) 560-8261.

4) Once all required documents have been received by our office, the DS Director will review materials and, if adequate for determining eligibility, will schedule an intake interview. 

How to renew accommodations for an upcoming semester if you have already disclosed a disability to LBC|Capital Disability Services:

1) Upon registering for new courses, students should complete the Accommodations Renewal Form to request an updated Course Access Letter. 

2) After the Accommodations Renewal Form is reviewed by the DS Director, the outcome will be communicated directly to the student. If eligible, an updated Course Access Letter will be sent to the student for him or her to distribute to faculty as needed.


Disclosure and Intake Form - This is the form that should be completed by students who are disclosing a disability to LBC|Capital Disability Services for the first time. Appropriate disability documentation should be submitted along with this form in order to schedule an intake interview with the Director. 

Documentation Guidelines - This document provides direction for obtaining appropriate documentation to verify your disability with the Disability Services Office.

Accommodations Renewal Form - This form should be completed by students who have already disclosed a disability to LBC|Capital Disability Services and who are requesting accommodations for a new semester. Accommodation to not automatically carry over from semester to semester. 

Course Access Letter - This letter is addressed to faculty and lists approved accommodations. The letter is provided directly to the student and he or she is responsible to distribute the letter to faculty members, as needed. A new letter must be requested each semester. 


The DSO Team

Mr. Sean Dougherty Director, Ally Center and Disability Services

Lancaster Campus