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Business Law BUS 307: Databases & Tutorials

Welcome to the Business Law BUS 307 Research Guide

Business Source Premier

This Database includes  publication browsing by subject & description.  

Ways To Search:

Articles about a company and finding a research topic you can search using keywords: For example: Social Responsibility and Coca Cola Company.

For Articles about a CEO you can search using keywords: For example: Enter the last name in the search box, use the drop down menu to the right and select PEOPLE. OR enter the company name and the CEO's name: For example Microsoft and Balmer.

ProQuest Databases

Google Scholar + PACER

Select CASE LAW. Search using the topic of choice in "quotations" AND the Company name.

Example: "Social Responsibility" and Coca Cola Company

Library Databases (A-Z)

Click here to get a complete list of the library databases.

LexisNexis Academic

Select Search by Legal Cases.  Under Legal Cases you can search by any topic, citation or party.

OR go to Legal in the left column. Narrow your results by searching for relevant terms such as "ethics" or "ethical".


Regional Business News