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Creation & Covenants BIB 103 / Israel's Life and Literature BIB 104: Request It

Finding Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Resources

Request Items from Other Libraries (Interlibrary Loan)

Lancaster Bible College is a member of OCLC, a network of libraries that cooperates in the resource-sharing of library materials. Interlibrary loan is a cooperative borrowing and lending service among these libraries.

How to Request an item:

  1. Check the library catalog first. We do not request items the library already owns.
  2. Search WorldCat Discovery, LBC OneSearch or other LBC databases to retrieve the item record. Those items not owned by the Jones Library will have the option to "Request the item through Interlibrary Loan."
  3. Fill out the interlibrary loan form completely. Enter the full title of the publication.
  4. Select "Submit" to request the item. The library staff process interlibrary loans daily Monday-Friday

Please contact Andrew Keenan, ( or 717-560-8200, ext. 5112), for more information about the interlibrary loan service.

Inter-Library Loan is an ACADEMIC Service. Personal, NON-ACADEMIC materials should be requested through the public library. 

Request Items from LBC Locations

Current students, faculty, staff and alumni are able to borrow items from any of the LBC locations. To make this request, fill out the “Request Item from LBC Location” form completely. Delivery takes approximately 5-10 business days. Periodical articles will be scanned and emailed to the requestor directly within several business days. For further assistance, email us.