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English Composition LAN 101: Finding Books

Welcome to your LAN 101 research guide

In-Library Materials

Opposing Viewpoints is a User-friendly book series the library owns on the Lancaster campus that present opposite viewpoints on a wide variety of controversial topics. 

To find these books search the library catalog using the terms "opposing viewpoints."

Counterpoints is a book series the library owns that presents varying viewpoints on a variety of biblical topics. (e.g. baptism, women in the church, the rapture, etc.) Counterpoints books can also be found by searching "views on" and a theological issue. (example search: "views on" and hell)

Tips for finding more sources: 

Once you have found a book/eBook or article that suits your research needs, check the bibliography of that source for more information.

You can also click on the hyperlinked SUBJECTS located in the catalog. Clicking the hyperlinked subject will open a new window with all the library holdings of that same subject.


Library Catalog (Books and Media)

The library catalog is the search tool to retrieve books, videos, kets and items in other formats held in the libraries at all the LBC locations.


LBC OneSearch is a single search box experience that allows you to search for books, electronic books, journal articles, and sources of other formats all simultaneously. Here's how to retrieve only electronic books using LBC OneSearch:

To limit your search to electronic books, go to the column on the left side of the screen: "Refine Results." Under heading "Limit To" select the box: Check Full Text at LBC.