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Education: Finding Books

Features selective resources for education.

Finding eBooks

LBC OneSearch is a single search box experience that allows you to search for books, electronic books, journal articles, and sources of other formats all simultaneously. Here's how to retrieve only electronic books using LBC OneSearch:

  • Type in relevant search terms and select "Search."
  • To limit your search to electronic books, go to the column on the left side of the screen: "Refine Results."
  • Check the box "eBooks" under the heading "Source Types."
  •  This will reduce your search to just electronic books. 

Additional Databases for Electronic Books

Browsing Books

L7 - 991 Education (General)
LA5 - 2396 History of education
LB5 - 3640 Theory and practice of education
LB1025 - 1050.75 Teaching (Principles and practice)
LB1049.9 - 1050.75 Reading (General)
LB1050.9 - 1091 Educational psychology
LB1139.2 - 1139.5 Early childhood education
LB1501 - 1547 Primary education
LB1555 - 1602 Elementary or public school education
LB1603 - 1696.6 Secondary education. High schools
LB1705 - 2286 Education and training of teachers and administrators
LC8 - 6691 Special aspects of education
LC37- 44.3 Home education
LC59 Public school education
LC251-951 Moral and religious education
LC361- 629 Christian education. Church education



Subject Headings

Subject headings, as defined by Library of Congress, are a way to link books together that are similar in subject content. By clicking on the links below you will be directed to a list of subject headings with the heading that you clicked listed first.  By clicking on the heading you will retrieve a list of books all with the same subject heading. You might also want to browse the subject heading list for related topics.

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