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EBSCO eBooks

Checkingout & Downloading

To Checkout & download to a device: (be sure to download Adobe Digital Editions)

  1. Search any EBSCO Database via the Library website.((For tutorials on how to search  EBSCO Databases as well as other library information Click Here))
  2. Select the book from the results list and click on DOWNLOAD THIS eBOOK (offline) 
  4. After the file downloads select OPEN and and the eBook will open in Adobe Digital Editions.

What is EPUB Format?

When accessing or downloading EBSCO eBooks, you may see the choice to select eBooks in either PDF or EPUB format.

  • EPUB is an open eBook standard and file format that is optimized for viewing on devices. It automatically resizes to fit your screen and when you adjust font size. EPUB is the recommended format for download and is compatible with many eReaders and reading apps, including the iPad/iPhone, Kindle Fire, Galaxy tablets, the EBSCO eBooksapp, as well as the Bluefire app for iOS and Android devices.

  • PDFs are not re-flowable, so their text size cannot be adjusted for display on various devices.

((information provided by EBSCO ebook guide))

Citing eBooks

How do I cite EBSCO eBooks?

EBSCO eBooks are available in both PDF and EPUB formats. PDF books have page numbers that typically correlate with the print version of the title, and those page numbers may be used for citation purposes. EPUB eBooks are formatted with reflowable text, which means the text resizes to fit the viewing window, and therefore they do not have stable pagination.

Most citation style guides, particularly in the humanities, make allowances for eBooks without stable page numbers. Visit our Support Site FAQ for reference if you’re trying to cite an eBook.

How do I cite an eBook?

((information provided by EBSCO eBooks guide))

How to Save, Print and Email eBook Chapters

Printing and Saving EBSCO eBook pages:

  • eBooks can be printed, saved or emailed as PDF files from the eBook viewer.
  • The amount of pages allowed to be printed. saved or emailed depends on the publishers limits.

To learn how to save, print, or email eBook Chapters, see:

How to Print, E-mail or Save EBSCO eBooks Pages as a PDF