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Foundations for Effective College Writing LAN 100s: Databases & Tutorials

Combing for Keywords

Construct your research question.

Choose 3 main concepts from your question.

Identify synonyms and alternative words or phrases for the 3 main concepts.

Search subject specific databases & string together the words and/or phrases you've identified.

Choosing a Database

Best "Starter" Databases

Library Databases

What are Library Databases?

Types of Databases

Full Text: A full-text database is a compilation of documents in which the complete text of each referenced document is available for online viewing, printing, or downloading.

Indexing/Abstract:  You won't get full text links in these databases, but with the citation you can still enter an LBCShare inter-library loan request or copy and paste the citation into the Library Search Box to find the full text.

Platform: A platform is the interface used by the database provider. For example EBSCOhost and ProQuest are database providers that host many databases using the same platform or interface.

Identifying a Scholarly Article

How to identify a Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly Journal Article:

NC State University's: Anatomy of a Scholarly Article.

What is a peer-reviewed journal article?

All Credit goes to the Librarians of NCState University Libraries.

Types of Peer-Reviewed Articles

Scholarly articles: reviewed by experts in a process known as peer review before they are published.

Empirical article: based on an experiment or study. Empirical articles are original research articles.

Review article: written to bring together and summarize the results/conclusions from multiple original research articles/studies. 

Theoretical article: written to contribute to the theoretical foundations of a field of study.