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Health Care Management: Finding Library Materials

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Library Materials

Browse for books: Subject Headings

Each Branch library is arranged according the the Library of Congress Classification system. Once you know the general area where books on your topic are kept, it can be very effective to browse the shelves. How to read a call number

R5-920 Medicine (General)

RA1-1270 Public aspects of medicine

RB1-214 Pathology

RC31-1245 Internal medicine

RD1-811 Surgery

RE1-994 Ophthalmology

RF1-547 Otorhinolaryngology

RG1-991 Gynecology and obstetrics

RJ1-570 Pediatrics

RK1-715 Dentistry

RL1-803 Dermatology

RM1-950 Therapeutics. Pharmacology

RS1-441 Pharmacy and material medical

RT1-120 Nursing

RV1-431 Botanic, Thomsonian, and eclectic medicine

RX1-681 Homeopathy

RZ201-999 Other systems of medicine

Journals, Magazines and Newspapers

Physical Copies: All issues are shelved alphabetically by Journal Title at the Lancaster branch: