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Option 1: Live Webinars

Sign up for a live webinar and learn about Logos from an experienced trainer. Descriptions, times, and registration links are below.  All listed times are Central Time. Register soon to save your spot!

101: Logos Essentials (90 min)

We can get a lot out of Logos when we have a basic understanding of how it works.  In this training, you will discover strategies anyone can use to get started with ease, but you will also gain a greater appreciation of how to customize Logos for your specific study needs. (Webinar link supplied with registration)

  • When?: Thursday9/7/2023 @ 3:00 p.m. Central (Register Here)

102: Research and Writing with Logos (90 min)

You have been equipped with an amazing library designed to help you as a student and in ministry.  This training will walk you through the research process demonstrating how Logos can help you build a bibliography, cite sources, search for content, and stay focused on the primary text. (Webinar link supplied with registration)

  • When?: Thursday9/14/2023 @ 3:00 p.m. Central (Register Here)

103: Logos Tools for In-depth Bible Study (90 min)

Logos excels in its ability to help you dig deep into God’s Word.  In this training, you will build on the basics and learn to use Logos to study the details of a passage in its big picture context. (Webinar link supplied with registration) 

  • When?: Thursday9/21/2023 @ 3:00 p.m. Central (Register Here)

Bonus: Advanced Searching with Logos (90 min)

One of the greatest benefits of Logos is the way it enables you to run complex searches within the Biblical text to support your language study and research.  In this webinar, you will learn how to search for specific forms of words, parts of speech, collocations, and more. (Webinar link supplied with registration)

Option 2: Self-Paced Courses

We are all busy, but these great courses are designed to fit into your schedule. Work through these courses at your own pace, and you are on your way to enjoying what Logos has to offer. 

Learn more about the Logos Training Courses for students here!

Option 3: On-Demand Videos

If you prefer working through videos on your own, you can access recordings of all the content covered above at