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Number Theory MAT 380: Finding Library Materials

Suggested Library Materials

Subject Searching

Subjects: Helpful Subject Headings: Copy and Paste them into the Search Box

Number theory          Cryptography          Cryptology

Cryptanalysis          Prime numbers          Digital encryption

Diffie-Helmann key exchange         Public key cryptography

RSA algorithm          Digital encryption          Fermat's theorem

Chinese remainder theorem          Fermat's little theorem

Biography of a Mathematician

Searching for Specific People: Copy and Paste them into the Search Box

Pierre de Fermat

Leonhard Euler                    Helene (Hel) Braun

Christian Goldbach                Euclid

G.H. Hardy                          Emma Lehmer

Leopold Kronecker                Julia Robinson

Robert Daniel Carmichael       Sophie Morel

Diophantus                         Sophie Germain

Marin Mersenne                   Alice Silverberg

Edward Waring                   Mabel Gweneth Humphreys

Andrew Wiles                     Leila Schneps

John Wilson

Journals, Magazines and Newspapers

Physical Copies: All issues are shelved alphabetically by Journal Title at the Lancaster branch:

  • ​Journal For Research in Mathematics

  • Learning & Leading with Technology

  • Teaching Children Mathematics

  • Tech & Learning

  • Computers in Education Journal

  • Educational Technology

eJournals: Copy and paste them into the search box on the library homepage. *Tip- select the Journals tab*

  • Digital Arithmetic

  • Mathematical Problems in Engineering

  • Mathematical Systems Theory

  • International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering 

  • Discrete Dynamics in Nature & Society

  • American Mathematics Monthly 

  • College Mathematics Journal

  • Journal of the American Mathematical Society