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Children & Family Ministry: Resources

Identify resources for students majoring in Children & Family Ministry.

Helpful Books

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Children--Conversion to Christianity

Christian Education of Children

Church Work with Children

Church Work with Youth

Parenting--Religious Aspects--Christianity

Sunday School Curriculum (Request Digital Samples)

Browse the Library Shelves by Call Numbers

Each Branch library is arranged according the the Library of Congress Classification system. Once you know the general area where books on your topic are kept, it can be very effective to browse the shelves. How to read a call number

BV 639 .C4  (Church & Children)

BV 1475 - BV 1485  (Christian Education of Children and Youth)

BV 1522 - BV 1585  (Children and Sunday School)

BV 2615 - BV 2617  (Missions Work among Children and Youth)

BV 4529 (Christian Parenting)

ERC (Room 301)

Our children's materials are a part of the Education Resource Collection housed in Room 301 of the TLC.The children's books are divided into fiction and non-fiction categories by grade level.  Each fiction and non-fiction grade level is color coded (see the chart below).  Fiction books are cataloged by author, and non-fiction books are cataloged using the Dewey Decimal System.

Every book has the appropriate color-coded band on the spine. 

Bin Books, Easy Readers and Big Books are all located in the cubbies on the left-hand side of the room.

Audio-visual materials are also included in the Education Resource Collection.