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Communication: Finding Books

Library Search Box

Browsing Call Numbers

Each Branch library is arranged according the the Library of Congress Classification system. Once you know the general area where books on your topic are kept, it can be very effective to browse the shelves. How to read a call number

BV 653-657 Mass media and telecommunication in religion

H 61.8-61.9 Communication of information. computer networks

HD 30.3 Organizational communication, Internet 

HM 1206-1220 Communication Mass Media

HM 1221-1226 Public Relations, Publicity

HM 1231 Propaganda

HM 1236 Public Opinion

JA 85 Communication in politics

Opposing Viewpoints is a User-friendly book series the Library owns that present opposite viewpoints on a wide variety of topics ranging from controversial issues (e.g. abortion, gay rights, etc.)

To find these books search using the advanced keyword search with "opposing viewpoints"  as well as the topic.

Google Books

Google Books is a project to digitize and put the full-text of books online. Most of the full-text books are older and out of copyright; for books that are newer and/or still within copyright, you will find only excerpts, with links to libraries (including The Jones Library) that may own the print copy.