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Strategic Communications: Books/eBooks

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Business communication

Business ethics

Business presentations.

Communication and culture

Communication in management

Communication in organizations

Complex organizations Management

Complexity (Philosophy)

Intercultural communication

International organization


Non-governmental organizations

Social responsibility of business



Organizational change

Crisis management

Organizational effectiveness

Personnel management

Advertising, Political--United States

Advertising Media Planning

Advertising--Psychological aspects.

Baby boom generation


Consumer behavior

Consumers United States Statistics

Consumers' preferences

Consumption (Economics) United States Statistics

Copywriting.  [Advertising Copy]

Demographic surveys

Demographic surveys United States Statistics

Direct marketing

Generation X

Generation Y (Millennials, Net generation)

Industrial marketing

Interactive marketing

Internet marketing

Leisure Statistics

Lifestyles Statistics

Market segmentation

Market surveys United States

Marketing decision making

Marketing management

Mobile commerce

Motivation research (Marketing)

New products

Social marketing

Strategic planning

Target marketing

Television programs United States Rating

Young adult consumers

Education Simulation methods

Educational technology

Employees Training of

Instructional systems Design

Simulation games in education

Social learning

Web-based instruction Design

Blogs Political aspects

Communication in politics

Communication Political aspects

Mass media Political aspects

Persuasion (Psychology)


Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Computer graphics

Graphic design

Type and type-founding