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LBCShare InterLibrary Loan: LBCShare FAQs

The purpose of LBCShare is to LEND and BORROW materials with Libraries Worldwide.

Mail Delivery Worldwide?

We Do Not Send Physical Items Internationally.

How do I request something from LBCShare?

Making a LBCShare Request is easy:

Option #1:

  • Go to
  • Search for the material you want to request
  • Click on the Request It
  • Fill out the Form and Click Submit

Option #2:

  • Use the link Bellow
  • Sign in with your LBC Credentials
  • Click on the Requested Tab
  • Choose the Form that fits your Request (Article or Book)
  • Put in the information about the material you want to request
  • click Submit!


Request It

What types of Materials can I request?

Items you are able to request:

  • Books
  • Articles
  • eBook Chapters
  • Thesis & Dissertations

You can request just about anything that is owned by libraries world-wide. Some restrictions will apply, materials that are old or rare, archive or museum holdings as well as items that may be fragile or expensive my not be available for borrowing. We are unable to request required textbooks through LBCShare ILL. 

If you have any questions about material that may be difficult to locate. Email

How can I get the physical items?

Materials can be picked up from your home branch. Please indicate the pick up location when you make your request.

**If you live more than 30/45 minutes from any LBC Library Branch you can indicate that you would like the material Shipped to you in the Mail.

How long does it take?

Please allow 3-6 business days for articles to reach you via your my account and up to two weeks for books to arrive by mail.

What are ISBNs and ISSNs?

ISBN and ISSN are unique identifiers for books and journals or magazines. Providing the correct ISBN or ISSN will speed up the request process. If you need help identifying these numbers use the Ask Us! chat or submit a question form. CLICK HERE

How do I access Journal Articles and Scans?

Journal Articles and Scans are made available for 30 days or 5 views.

You will receive notice that the Article/Scan is available in your My Account.

We suggest downloading and saving the Article or Scan the first time you view it.

Can my friend borrow my book?

The ILL materials have been sent from other institutions specifically for you. Allowing someone else to borrow the material would be a breach of policy between our institution and the lender. The patron borrowing the material is responsible if the item were to be damaged or lost while checked out to them.

Can I request non-research related materials?

 ILL requests are for research related materials only. Any sort of pleasure reading, and personal use should be borrowed through your public library. Thank you for understanding.

What if I forget my log in credentials?

Use your LBC username and password.

Forgot your LBC username and password? 

Click Here and go to the Student Portal.

How will I know when the materials arrives?

You will receive a automated notification when the item arrives and is ready for pick up. Check your account at any time to view the status of your requests.


My Account

How long can I borrow physical items?

Physical Items are typically lent for 2-3 weeks.

Lending length can very. Due Dates depend on the Lending Library Policies for that item.

Can I renew my borrowed Book?

Most materials can be renewed. It will be up to the lending library to issue the renewal.

To request an renewal: 

  1. Login to your my account
  2. Click on the Requested tab
  3. Find the book you would like to request a renewal for.
  4. Hit Renew Request.

You will receive one of two notifications:

Renewal Granted: a new due date will display on your account.

Renewal Denied: Please return the item on or before the due date.

What happens if my material is overdue?

All Physical materials borrowed have due dates indicated in two places:

  1. On the book strap


  1. Under the my account menu


If you do not return items on time a .50 a day charge will be assessed for every day overdue.

If you remove the book strap a fine will also be assessed when the book is returned.

Outstanding fines and fees may prevent you from requesting and checking out materials.

What Does The Status of My Request Mean?

Awaiting Copyright Clearance
Your article request is awaiting copyright processing to determine if any copyright fees need to be paid.

Awaiting Document Delivery Processing
Your request was routed to staff who will supply the item from collections at LBC. Request for articles located in print journals at the Lancaster Branch.

Cancelled By Staff
Your request was cancelled by   staff. You should have received an email message explaining why the item was cancelled. If you are unsure why the request was cancelled, you can contact staff by using ASK US! Please include the transaction number with your question.

Doc Del
Doc Del means your requested item is being processed at a LBC Library Branch. You will be notified when a hold is created for you.

Request In Processing
Your request is currently being processed.

Routed to Document Delivery
Your request was sent to a LBC Library Branch for them to supply, 

What is Tipasa

LBCShare runs on Tipasa, a software provided by OCLC WorldShare

Tipasa is a cloud-based Interlibrary loan management system that automates routine borrowing and lending functions for individual libraries. The Tipasa system is built on the OCLC WorldShare platform and takes advantage of the world's largest resource sharing network.

If you would like some more information on Tipasa you can find an information brochure here.

What does "over copyright" and "copyright restrictions" mean?

According to the copyright law of the United States, libraries may not request more than five articles from the more recent five years of any journal during a one-year period. You may receive notification that the library is OVER COPYRIGHT and we will be unable to fill your request.


The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials.

What If I don't need the materials I requested?

LBCShare ILL: 

  • Before the item is received by LBC, go to your My Account and CANCEL the item
  • After the item is received, but before the two week pick up window has expired, email and briefly let us know you no longer need the material.
  • Please note that there is a $4.00 fine for not picking up (or cancelling) the item within two weeks of notification.

How many items can I request at a time?

We ask that you limit the amount of physical items to 10 at a time.

You may request unlimited Articles/Scans available via your My Account.