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Libraries of Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary: Lancaster Library Services

What is New @ the Libraries of Lancaster Bible College

The Charles & Gloria Jones Library is the busy information hub on the Lancaster campus. Here you will find students and college personnel doing research, picking up books, printing or copying materials, and meeting with friends for group study or simply to socialize. The library is open daily for students, LBC personnel, alumni, and community patrons to use.

For the fall semester 2012, the Library was moved to the Teague Learning Commons and named after Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, a renowned motivational speaker, profound author, and dear friend of LBC. He and his wife, Gloria, are honored with their names on the library. The Charles & Gloria Jones Library is a gift to the community and a resource for all who seek to study God and discover a deeper knowledge of His truths.


The Teague Learning Commons (TLC) demonstrates LBC’s commitment to academic scholarship in training the next generation of well-informed servant leaders. The building is named after LBC’s fifth president Dr. Peter W. Teague and his wife, Paulette. Dr. and Mrs. Teague exemplify what it means to be life-long learners and servant leaders.

The TLC offers many unique features. Natural light pouring through large windows, comfortable furniture, quiet spaces for individual reflection, small group study spaces, and classrooms combine to make it a welcoming environment for learning. Also a Hospitality Suite is available for large group meetings and seminars. Bennee’s Bistro offers specialty beverages and food for purchase. On Level 5 students can receive academic support through the Ally Center, which is comprised of the Academic Mentoring Services, the Disability Services, the Math Lab, and the Writing Services.

Patron borrowing privileges for Lancaster Library Location

General Guidelines

  1. You are responsible for the materials that you borrow.
  2. You are responsible to know when your materials are due.
  3. You are responsible to return your materials on time.
  4. You may check your due dates online.


  1. $0.25 per day / per item; Reserves: $1.00 per day / per item
  2. Maximum fine $5 per item
  3. Fines/fees can be paid in cash or check (payable to Lancaster Bible College)
  4. Patrons will be blocked from borrowing items once fines/fees reach a total of $20.

Lost Items

Items not returned ninety days after the due date will be declared “lost.” Patrons are responsible to pay the replacement cost plus a $10.00 processing fee for each lost item. LBC students will not be able to register until the lost item fine is paid or arrangements made for payment.


Kits, shelved on the compact shelving on Level One, can be reserved for an extended period for personal or group use.  Contact Lisa at 717-560-8200, ext. 5385 or by email

Re-shelving Materials

Please do not re-shelve items yourself.  Place any materials you remove from the shelves, but decide not to borrow, on the green RESHELVE SPOTS you find throughout the library. 

The Charles & Gloria Jones Library is located inside the Teague Learning Commons. The Teague Learning Commons (TLC) was created to support and maintain an environment conducive to thought, research, and effective study groups. Come in and enjoy the natural light pouring through large windows, comfortable furniture, quiet spaces, small group study areas, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from Bennee’s Bistro.

Students are permitted to bring food and beverages into the library. We ask that you that keep all beverages in covered containers and dispose of all trash when finished. Help us to maintain this atmosphere and to respect the needs of others.

Please be thoughtful of your fellow students and refrain from the following behavior:

  • Deliberate misuse of materials or equipment that interferes with or prevents timely access to resources or equipment by other users or staff
  • Disrupting behavior that is not conducive to study
  • Violation of Lancaster Bible College policies, including policies on computer and network use, cell phone use, electronic communications, and harassment
  • Vandalism, theft, or defacement of library materials or LBC property
  • Refusal to comply with instructions of library staff, student workers and campus officials

The Library staff is committed to providing a safe environment for all users and takes seriously its obligation to manage disruptive behavior quickly and professionally. Please contact a staff member if you need assistance.


During regular library hours, any checked-out library material can be returned at the main counter. A book return slot is also located in the wall at the inner corner of the patio (on the parking lot side) for your convenience.

Available In-House Technology / Equipment:


Printing / Printing Costs:

  • Every student has been issued an automatic starting credit to print up to 500 pages per year or 250 pages for each semester ($12.50)
  • To print, you must be logged on to a student computer
  • Each page printed exceeding the 250-page semester limit is charged at 5 cents per page
    • Additional copies will be automatically billed to your student account at the end of the semester
  • PaperCut provides an online detail view of your print history
  • Community patrons may use one of the two OPAC computers for research and print up to 10 pages per session


Printing Wirelessly:
  •   Flexible Wireless Printing at LBC: With Mobility Printing you can print from your wireless device whether it is a phone, laptop, or tablet. First step is to connect to LBC’s wireless network with your wireless device. Then click on the Mobility Printing link below and follow the provided instructions.  You will want to install the printer called “PrintAnywhere”

  • When you try to print the first time, you will be asked for your LBC email and password. Once you click print, you may now swipe your ID card on the front of the Student Lab printer located in the back right corner of the First Floor of TLC and your print job will release.  To see your printing balance, you can login here.  If you have any issue, please email the helpdesk at



  • Photocopying is available to Students & Faculty with ID cards. Printer/Copier is located on Level 1 of the Library
    • Please be aware that library materials that are photocopied may be protected under copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code)
  • Public scanning of documents and public faxing of documents is not available


Wifi Access:

  • Wireless access is available to students, faculty and guests
  • For guest access, simply choose GUEST WIFI and follow the prompts from your PC or MAC

Thank you so much for thinking of us. We appreciate your support to LBC's community. We accept donations at our Lancaster Location only. Please contact us for more information 717.560.8250 or

Here is a copy of our donation guidelines:

Materials Donation Guidelines

Contact Us

Contact Us:

 717.560.8250 (Lancaster) 901 Eden Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601

 301.552.1400 (Washington DC)  7852 Walker Dr #100, Greenbelt, MD 20770

 215.329.5400 (Philadelphia) 2001 W Lehigh Ave #2652, Philadelphia, PA 19132

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