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Music, Worship & Performing Arts: Popular Music and Theater: Finding Books

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  • General and history: ML1711, ML2054

  • Film musicals: PN1995.9 M86

  • Production: MT955

  • Plots: MT95

  • Scores: M1500-M1508

  • Librettos (stage): ML48-50

  • Librettos (film musicals): ML52.65-.7

  • Encyclopedias: ML102.M88

  • Bibliographies: ML128.M78

Subject Headings

Subject headings, as defined by Library of Congress, are a way to link books together that are in a similar subject fields. By clicking on the links below you will be directed to a list of subject headings. 

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  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Film
  • Theater
  • Music
    • Ethnomusicology
    • Music History & Criticism, General
    • Music History & Criticism, Instrumental
    • Music History & Criticism, National
    • Music History & Criticism, Vocal
    • Music History & Study
    • Music Literature
    • Music Philosophy

Subject Headings for the Study of Hymns

  • hymns history and criticism
  • hymns Biography
  • hymns indexes
  • hymns devotional use
  • Library of Congress Subject Headings Guide