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Abnormal Psychology & Counseling PCN 332: Books/eBooks

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Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) are a standardized thesaurus used to classify topics into related categories. These can be used in most library catalogs to quickly locate related materials. 

Where to find Psychology Books

*Note- Lancaster Collection Sections A-BV are located on the 1st level*

  • BF38-940: Psychology
  • BF173-175.5: Psychoanalysis
  • BF176-176.5: Psychological tests and testing
  • BF180-198.7: Experimental psychology
  • BF203: Gestalt psychology
  • BF207-209: Psychotropic drugs and other substances
  • BF231-299: Sensation, Anesthesiology
  • BF309-499: Consciousness, Cognition (Including learning, attention, comprehension, memory, imagination, genius, intelligence, psycholinguistics, mental fatigue)
  • BF501-505: Motivation
  • BF511-593: Affection, Feeling, Emotion
  • BF608-635: Will. Volition. Choice. Control
  • BF636-637: Applied psychology
  • BF638-648: New Thought. Menticulture, etc.
  • BF660-685: Comparative psychology, Animal and human psychology
  • BF692-692.5: Psychology of sex, Sexual behavior
  • BF697-697.5: Differential psychology, Individuality. Self
  • BF698-698.9: Personality
  • BF699-711: Genetic psychology
  • BF712-724.85: Developmental psychology (Including infant psychology, child psychology, adolescence,
  • adulthood)
  • BF725-727: Class psychology
  • BF795-839: Temperament, Character
  • BF889-905: Graphology. Study of handwriting

*Note- Lancaster Collection Sections BX-Z are located on the 2nd level*

  • RC321-571: Neurosciences, Biological Psychiatry & Neuropsychiatry
  • RC346-429: Neurology; Diseases of the nervous system (Including speech disorders)
  • RC435-571: Psychiatry
  • RC475-489: Therapeutics, Psychotherapy
  • RC490-499: Hypnotism and hypnosis, Suggestion therapy
  • RC500-510: Psychoanalysis
  • RC512-569.5: Psychopathology
  • RC512-528: Psychoses
  • RC530-552: Neuroses
  • RC554-569.5: Personality disorders, Behavior problems (Including sexual problems, drug abuse, suicide, child abuse)
  • RC569.7-571: Mental retardation, Developmental disabilities