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Abnormal Psychology & Counseling PCN 332: Databases




PsycARTICLES®, from the American Psychological Association (APA), is a definitive source of full text, peer-reviewed scholarly and scientific articles in psychology. It contains more than 153,000 articles from nearly 80 journals. Coverage spans 1894 to the present and nearly all APA journals go back to Volume 1, Issue 1.



The PsycINFO®, database, American Psychological Association’s (APA) renowned resource for abstracts of scholarly journal articles, book chapters, books, and dissertations, is the largest resource devoted to peer-reviewed literature in behavioral science and mental health. It contains over 3 million records and summaries.

Other Relevant Databases

Journals, Magazines and Newspapers

Physical Copies: All issues are shelved alphabetically by Journal Title at the Lancaster branch:

  • Christian Counseling Today
  • Journal of Biblical Counseling
  • Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience
  • Psychology Today
  • Psychology of Addictive Behaviors
  • Psychology for Living
  • Psychological Monographs
  • Journal of Psychology and Christianity
  • Journal of Psychology and Theology

eJournals: Copy and paste them into the search box on the library homepage. *Tip- select the Journals tab*

  • Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
  • Journal of Abnormal Psychology
  • Journal of Clinical Psychology
  • Applied Psychology
  • American Journal of Psychotherapy