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Classics: Ancient Rome: Databases & Scholarly Articles


Scholarly & Peer Reviewed Journals


Journal of Hellenic Studies             Classical Bulletin 

Greece & Rome                            Classical Journal

American Journal of Archaeology    Classical philology

American Journal of Philology         Classical Quarterly

Archaeological Reports                   Classical Review

Arethusa                                       Didaskalia: ancient theatre today

Athenian Agora                              Emerita

Bryn Mawr Classical Review             Hesperia

HISTOS                                         Journal of Field Archaeology

Journal of Hellenic Studies (SPHS)  Leeds International Classical Studies

Phronesis                                       World Archaeology

Journal of Near Eastern Studies        Orientalia 

Peer Reviewed Paper Journals

Greece & Rome * Archaeology * Archaeology in the Biblical World

Artifax * Bible review * Biblical Archaeology Review

Bibliotheca Sacra * Classical Journal  * Classical Review

Classical World  * Journal for the study of Paul and His Letters

Journal of Hellenic Studies (SPHS)  * Journal of Near Eastern Studies

LEVANT * Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin * Orientalia * Revue Biblique

Why Scholarly Resources


  • Use a library database like Academic Search Premier and limit your search results to "Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals."

Listed below are search terms for you to use when searching for resources about Rome.

  • "Ancient Rome"
  • "Rome" or "Romans"
  • "Eternal City"
  • "Roman Republic"
  • "Democracy"
  • "Etruscans"
  • "Romulus"
  • "Remus"
  • "Tiber River"
  • "Roman Forum"
  • "Colosseum"
  • "Plebs" or "Plebeian"
  • "Roman Empire"