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Classics: Ancient Rome: Reference

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D - World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Subclass D - General History

D 1-24.5 General
D 25-27 Military and naval history
D 31-34 Political and diplomatic history
D 51-90 Ancient History

Subclass DG - History of Italy

DG11-365 Ancient Italy. Rome to 476

DG401-583.8 Medieval and modern Italy, 476­

DG600-684.72 Northern Italy

DG691-817.3 Central Italy

DG819-875 Southern Italy

DG975 Other cities (non-metropolitan), provinces, etc., A-Z

DG987-999 Malta. Maltese Islands

Subclass DE History of the Greco-Roman world

DE1-100 History of the Greco-Roman world

DE1-15.5 General

DE23-31 Geography

DE46-73.2 Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography

DE80-100 History