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Counseling Adolescents YMN320 : Assignment

Theories of Counseling


Research Paper – Identify your personal or preferred counseling theory(ies) with a thesis statement (ex: “Troubled teens benefit most when meeting with a counselor who operates from an eclectic perspective, relying mostly on key tenets within ______, _______, and _______.”) Support your statement by providing a thorough literature review of your chosen key theories, identifying key adherents, supportive scriptural principles, and possible criticisms of your chosen theory(ies). Weave the paper together carefully, keeping in mind that this is a RESEARCH PAPER (not a sermon). Paper must comply with complete & proper MLA standards and Research Paper Guidelines (see Course Resources)!

Browse the Library Shelves by Call Numbers

Each Branch library is arranged according the the Library of Congress Classification system. Once you know the general area where books on your topic are kept, it can be very effective to browse the shelves. How to read a call number

BR115 Counseling Religious aspects Christianity

BR115.C69 Counseling (in the Church)

BV4012.2-BV4012.3 Books that include Biblical and Christian Counseling

BV4400-4470 Practical church work. Social work. Work of the layman 

BV4447-445 Counseling Youth


Sample Searches

1. Christian counseling Youth Dating CLICK HERE

Try the book by Josh McDowell, chapter on dating

2. Christian Counseling youth depression CLICK HERE

Try #4 Quick-reference guide to Biblical counseling: personal and emotional issues