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History of Christian Doctrine THE518: Assignments

Historical development of several selected Christian doctrines from the time of the church fathers to the present.

Research Papers

Research paper The culminating project of this course entails the writing of a research paper for which you will be selecting a topic. This exercise will allow you to go deeper into a specific area of Christian doctrine and examine how that doctrine fits within the history of the church

Who are you? Because of the wide range of church history we're attempting to study in this course, there will unfortunately be a number of topics and people we will not be able to cover. Therefore, this "Who Are You" Paper allows you the opportunity to research and write about someone you want to know more about.

Church History Timeline Each week, using the content from the course and the readings, particularly the Gonzalez books, you will construct a 2000-year timeline of church history. You will focus on main events, such as the Council of Nicea or the Western Schism. This will help you construct a mind map of the time period.


Helpful Materials on Theologians