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History of Christian Doctrine THE518: Finding Library Materials

Historical development of several selected Christian doctrines from the time of the church fathers to the present.

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BT10-1480 Doctrinal Theology

  • BT19-37 Doctrine and dogma
  • BT93-93.6 Judaism
  • BT95-97.2 Divine law. Moral government
  • BT98-180 God
    • BT109-115 Doctrine of the Trinity
    • BT117-123 Holy Spirit. The Paraclete
    • BT126-127.5 Revelation
    • BT130-153 Divine attributes
  • BT198-590 Christology
    • BT296-500 Life of Christ
    • BT580 Miracles. Apparitions. Shrines, sanctuaries, images, processions, etc.
    • BT587 Relics
  • BT595-680 Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ. Mariology
  • BT650-660 Miracles. Apparitions. Shrines, sanctuaries, images, processions, etc.
  • BT695-749 Creation BT750-811 Salvation. Soteriology
  • BT819-891 Eschatology. Last things BT899-940 Future state. Future life
  • BT960-985 Invisible world (saints, demons, etc.)
  • BT990-1010 Creeds, confessions, covenants, etc.
  • BT1029-1040 Catechisms
  • BT1095-1255 Apologetics. Evidences of Christianity
  • BT1313-1480 History of specific doctrines and movements. Heresies and schisms


Theology, Doctrinal--History.

Church history.

Theology History.