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Faculty & Staff Information Guide: CANVAS Library Helps

Linking to EBSCO eBooks

Can I link to EBSCO eBooks or eBook chapters in my syllabus or LMS?

Yes, the Permalink feature in the eBook Viewer makes it easy to copy a link to an eBook or chapter and insert it into Blackboard, Moodle, or any other course management system.

To learn how to copy Permalinks in EBSCOhost, see How can I link to eBooks or eBook chapters in my syllabus or on Blackboard? on the EBSCO Support Site.

eBook Basics: Can I Use Them in the Classroom?

EBSCO eBooks can be used in the classroom or as a part of your course syllabus. Using e-books available from the library can be cost effective use of student textbook funds, particularly if the book is not something students intend to keep long-term, or if you’re only assigning a chapter or section of the work.

Using EBSCO eBooks provides some advantages over print books in addition to cost-savings. Students can:

  • Search within the titles for words or phrases
  • Save/email/print chapters or sections
  • Automatically generate bibliographic citations or export to bibliographic management tools

To learn more, see: eBook Basics: Using EBSCO eBooks in the Classroom on the EBSCO Support Site.

(information from EBSCO eBook Libguide)

Curriculum Builder in Canvas

Add a Librarian in Canvas

The Librarian role can:

  • see course content
  • participate in Discussion Boards
  • able to be contacted directly by students
  • cannot see/access student grades

Librarians can be added to courses only with consent of the instructor. After the instructor and librarian agree on the type of interaction the librarian will have with the class, the instructor can enroll the librarian in the site from the People button in the course navigation menu.