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Faculty & Staff Information Guide: DONATE

Donation Policy

From time to time offices and departments are renovated, cleaned out, or rearranged, and this results in a collection of items to potentially be donated to the library.  There are also occasions when items are purchased for the library at a conference or workshop and reimbursement is desired.  Here are the forms and procedures to be used on these occasions.

Donations should support the College's mission and vision. In most cases, donations should be scholarly in nature.  When donating items, please understand that the library staff will determine whether or not the items are needed for the collection.  Please complete an Intercampus Donation Form every time you donate items to the library.  If you feel that an item would be of particular value to students, you can indicate this on the Intercampus Donation Form by marking the Purposeful Donation box.  If you are donating both regular and purposeful items at the same time, please separate the items accordingly and fill out two forms.  Any items which are not needed may be made available to the community through the library’s book sale.

Intercampus Donations

Intercampus donations are donations of materials that were purchased/donated to your office. Below is a PDF with two forms available for filling out when transferring a donation. The first is for materials that need no reimbursement. The second is for materials that need be reimbursed. Reimbursement means we will charge the cost to a library departmental account.  The library will not reimburse for items already held.

Please contact Deb Hunt  ( or x5349), for more information

Personal Donations

Gifts of books and other items are accepted with the understanding that, upon receipt, Lancaster Bible College becomes the owner of the items. Library staff will select items for inclusion into the Library's collections based on their present and future value to our students, faculty, and staff, and on their condition. We reserve the right to handle items that are duplicates, or otherwise unsuited for the collection. This may be through sale to the college community. The Library will normally not accept restricted donations.