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Faculty & Staff Information Guide: PURCHASE

Collection Development Guidelines

The library provides students, faculty, staff, and the local community with materials in a variety of formats which serve to:
Support the mission of the college
Support the curriculum and the achievement of course, program, and institutional student learning outcomes
Support the instructional needs of the faculty
Support lifelong information literacy and intellectual growth
Support the recreational and general reading interests of the constituencies served

How to Suggest

Responsibility for the selection of materials for the library’s collection lies with Lancaster Bible College’s librarians, faculty, staff, and students.  Each department is responsible to expend a portion of the library’s acquisitions budget.  Faculty are strongly encouraged to stay abreast of the newly published materials in their particular areas of expertise.  Priority should be given to materials that enable students to be successful in achieving learning outcomes and completing course assignments.  E-resources are purchased when feasible to provide multiple-location access.

Publisher’s catalogs and e-mail announcements are forwarded to the appropriate faculty to assist in awareness of new materials.  Faculty may also make selections from catalogs they receive personally.  Faculty are encouraged to send their selections to Deb Hunt (library acquisitions) in the following ways:
Preferred – Publisher catalogs or brochures with each selection circled and initialed sent via interoffice mail
E-mail requests – Amazon Smile links are especially helpful (
The ordering of requested materials is an ongoing process, as long as departmental funds allow.  Once funds are expended, orders will be held for the next fiscal year.  Library budget updates are sent to faculty several times per year.  Faculty are notified when a requested item is cataloged (call number provided) and available for check out.

Textbook Policy

Textbook Policy – The library normally does not purchase course textbooks as the cost and shelf space required are prohibitive.  Moreover, textbooks are subject to constant updates.  The exception to this is that the library does order books that are at times selected as required textbooks for courses in theology, biblical studies, and ministry.


Faculty are asked for their assistance in reviewing and weeding the library collection in their areas of expertise.  This process removes items from the collection that are outdated / superseded, in poor condition, or that no longer support the curriculum.  The weeding process also allows faculty an excellent opportunity to see the breadth of materials available in their discipline.  This aids in collection development in two ways.  Weak areas are observed that can be targeted for material ordering and strong areas are recognized for future assignment development. All weeded materials are reviewed by the Library Director before the final deselecting process.