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Research FAQs: Where should I start searching?

Answering Students' Most Asked Library Questions

Option 1

Begin with a RESEARCH GUIDE. There are guides designed for specific courses (e.g., English Composition LAN101) and by subject (e.g., Business). 

Option 2


  1. Go to the Articles & Databases link under FIND on the library's main page. 
  2. Using the All Subjects dropdown list, select the subject area most appropriate to your topic.
  3. Select the two or three databases that sound the most helpful. 
  4. Begin searching key words for your topic. 
  5. Red over the search results looking for other terms that you may want to try searching.

Option 3

Cast the widest net by using The Library Search Box

  • Allows you to search MANY of our databases all at once.
  • Results will include almost every format to which you have access including books, eBooks, and journal articles. 
  • Ask a librarian for assistance, if the number of results are overwhelming.