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Research FAQs: Search Cheats

Answering Students' Most Asked Library Questions

Boolean Searching

Boolean Searching: You may already be searching this way and not know it. Here is how Boolean searching works:

  • AND: "Physical Fitness" AND "Christian Worldview"  searches for materials that contain both phrases
  • OR: "Physical Fitness" OR "Exercise" searches for materials that contain either phrase
  • NOT:  "Physical Fitness" NOT "Christian Worldview" searches for material on "physical fitness" that does not mention "Christian worldview"

Wildcard Searching

Wildcard Searching:  Using an asterisk (*) or a question mark (?) while searching can be great ways of expanding your search or searching a topic multiple ways at once.

  • Asterisk searching: environment* (searches for environmental, environment, environments... all at the same time)
  • Asterisk searching: Politi* (searches for politics, political, politicians... all at the same time)
  • Question mark searching: wom?n (will search for both woman or women)