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Academic Mentoring Resources: Productivity & Time Management

Productivity & Time Management

Why Do I Need Time Management Skills?

We all have different stories that led us here, but we have a common goal: graduation. Whether you are just starting your program or you are in your last session, God has called you to the specific degree you are studying. As you take steps towards the long-term goal of graduating, we have gathered some of the most essential time-management tips and tools to succeed in your current session.

Do you enjoy learning, but have trouble finding enough time to commit to studies as well as work and family life? At the Ally Center, we've seen a common real-life challenge for the students in all programs: time-management. You have a full plate with many great commitments and opportunities that call for your attention and energy. Explore different resources that we have put together to provide you with the most essential tools to succeed and thrive in your academic journey!