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Academic Mentoring Resources: Priorities & Values

Priorities & Values

Video by EISENHOWER, 2012.

How do I Prioritize Effectively?

When we can differentiate between the urgent and important, we are able to work on tasks based on their value rather than their urgency. This allows us to create space in our weeks to work on what will truly move us toward our biggest goals.

We have limited resources of attention, time, and energy. When we embrace the limits of what it means to be human, we realize that being successful is connected to how we steward the resources we do have. We may wish that we have unlimited time and energy, but the reality is that you are working on big goals while juggling multiple priorities.

  • Identify your values by downloading and filling out "Urgent v. Important".
  • Then, fill out "Daily Focus Planner" to start focusing on important tasks each day!

How Can I Focus Better Now?

If you find yourself zoning out or having a hard time to focus when working on a task, watch the video below to learn about the Pomodoro Technique to help you focus now!

  • Download "Strategic Study Hour Planner" to create a short-term SMART goal that can be achieved in 25 minutes.
  • Use Pomodoro Timer to set timers. 

Weekly Priorities Tip

By eliminating the need to deal with crises throughout the day, the effective person can focus on important matters like relationships and results.

"What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important." 

- Dwight Eisenhower