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Academic Mentoring Resources: Purpose & Goals

Purpose & Goals

What's Your Big WHY?

Download the Big Why and Goals document and consider the following:

  • Achieving your goals takes knowing your WHY.

  • Knowing your “WHY” can help all the small assignments, reading, and classes to have a purpose.

  • It takes finding your motivation and figuring out what practical steps you must take to achieve the goals.

  • Lastly, what specific rewards do you look forward to enjoying that will come out of achieving such goals?

How do I create SMARTER Goals?

Intentionally define goals within each of the Life Domains to become a well-rounded individual. Download the SMARTER Goal Sheet and consider each category:

  • Specific: What specifically are you going to accomplish? 
  • Measurable: How can you measure your progress or know if you've met your goal?
  • Actionable: What verbs are you using in your goal?
  • Risky but Realistic: How is this going to change you? Change only happens just outside of your comfort zone. If it's too far out of your comfort zone, it might be unrealistic.
  • Time-based: When is this goal going to happen? Is it a daily habit or a future achievement?
  • Exciting: What will be your motivation when you encounter obstacles?
  • Relevant: How is this goal connected to moving your life forward to where you want your life to be in five years?

Goal Setting Tip

Your most important goals are not exclusively academic. Success in academics that translates into achieving your life goals begins with setting goals in each of the five primary Life Domains. These include: spiritual, physical, relational, vocational, and educational.

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