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Academic Mentoring Resources: Reading Assignments

Reading Assignments

Use your metacognition skills (Plan, Monitor, Evaluate) for your reading assignments to minimize time and maximize learning by following the P2R (Preview, Read, Review) Strategy.

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Plan | Preview

  • Previewing is not reading every word; rather, it is skimming a text for its main idea and supporting points. 
  • Note the title and look at the opening paragraph to identify the main idea.

  • Check the closing paragraph for a summary of the text’s main ideas.  

  • Identify each paragraph’s topic sentence to find supporting points.

  • Look for visual signals (bold text, images, tables, etc.) that might indicate important ideas in the text.

Monitor | Read

  • Read to find the main idea of the paragraph or important phrases.

  • Read in small chunks.

  • React to unclear passages, confusing terms, and questionable statements by generating questions.

  • Use context clues or dictionary for unfamiliar words.

  • Slow your reading rate down if you are missing the main idea.

Evaluate | Review

  • Create any of the following study aids to help you recall the information better:

    • draw a graphic organizer (concept map) that depicts the main ideas 

    • generate questions based off of your notes

    • write a summary

    • participate in a group discussion

    • reflect and write an explanation of how this material has changed your perceptions or applies to your life